Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Most organisations outsource parts of their business. Obvious examples are security, motor vehicle repair, cleaning services – so we are all familiar with outsourcing.

Many businesses go further than this and are outsourcing more of their processes, as new and innovative services become available in today’s ever-changing, highly competitive business climate.

Using Adsum BPO you can outsource your business processes like your procurement, payroll, loan applications, call centre and more. Then you can focus on your core business competencies. It is often possible to reduce the complexity to cost per item, for example, payroll can be reduced to cost per employee and call centre to cost per call.

Our BPO Products include:

Inbound and Outbound Call Centres

The Adsum Call Centre product is designed with flexibility of the customers requirements in mind. We can provide you with both inbound and outbound options.

Our inbound call centre can receive calls from your customers or agents, and deal with them on your behalf, as if we were a department within your organisation. We will create a ticket for each call, record calls if required, and ensure that all calls are concluded and closed. We will provide you with reports including tickets opened, closed and outstanding, total calls for the months with a highlight of repeat calls, time to close, calls escalated, calls out of limits and other call statistics required by you.

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