Adsum was incorporated to provide professional and reliable information and communication technology services to our customers in Zambia.

We are a leading enterprise IT systems solution provider who believe in partnering with the most advanced suppliers of these solutions and services. Adsum enjoys a partner base that includes some of the leading technology providers in the world.

Our lines of IT business include:-

Smart Deployment

If you have IT Systems to implement in your network, Adsum are the people to do it for you. We can deploy Hardware, Networks and Software into your environment and assist with procurement should you require.

We specialise in “smart deployment”, where we connect to your network and remotely deploy your systems, thus saving you time and money.

We will also ensure that your IT project is managed from inception to completion and signed off based on agreed criteria.

Our deployments include:

Each deployment will be tailored to your needs

Connected Support

We believe whenever it is possible, customer IT resources, should be managed remotely. Our connected support products can be reactive or proactive, so we can provide quick turnaround to your IT problems and you don’t have to wait for technicians to arrive on-site, which is costly and inefficient.

Our proactive approach includes, update and upgrade management, best practice analysis and customer alerts when systems are out of parameter. Our aim is to provide 100% of our support and proactive management remotely, but we realise that some of our customers need the comfort of regular visits, especially in the early stages of the contract, when more hand holding may be required.

We can provide connected support for the full range of the Microsoft 365 Product Set, IT Security (including Anti-Virus/Malware, Firewalls, Active Directory), Wide Area and Local Area Networks as well as your IT Equipment (including Physical and Virtual Servers)

When there are hardware failures, or we cannot access your systems, our support engineers will go on site to get your critical systems up and running.

When you sign up, we will “On-Board” you remotely if we can (or come to site if it is necessary), to bring your systems up to date and where possible standardised, ensuring that you are “remote support ready”.

Adsum will also provide you with an Account Manager with overall responsibility for contract monitoring and an ongoing communication channel for the duration of the agreement and would be a key stakeholder in the success of our alliance.

We have 2 connected support products for your IT environment

Advanced End Point manager (AEP)

We will not only remote into your environment to fix problems as they occur BUT we will also proactively and continuously monitor environment so that we can prevent and advise of imminent failures before they occur. Down time is both costly and inconvenient.
AEP Includes IT Security with its own Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware product

End Point Manager (EPM)
End Point Manager product is designed for customers who would like the protection of a support product and the convenience of having it available remotely BUT don’t need the IT Security or the full proactive support product.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is also known as IT security and is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

2020 has seen an unprecedented move to doing more things on-line due to the Covid-19 virus. It has meant more people are working from home, doing meetings on-line, working and storing information in the cloud, sharing of sensitive information and making more payments on-line. This increased on-line traffic and more specifically “the away from the office” traffic has meant more opportunity for Cyber Criminals. In general, Cyber Security has battled to keep pace with the massive growth of on-line systems and on-line traffic.

At Adsum we recognise that organisations and individuals need help in this area, so we have geared ourselves up to provide you, our customers, with products and services that will genuinely protect you and your business. Anti-virus software is not enough.

We can provide you with the following products and services

IT Vulnerability Assessment and Network Penetration Testing
This can be done in the cloud or on premises. We will conduct an audit, (remotely if possible) and then advise you where your risks and vulnerabilities are and we will rank them so that you can prioritise them and take immediate action on the most important ones.

IT Security Hardening and Implementation of Audit Recommendations
The implementation of recommendations from the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing or an IT Audit that has recently been conducted in your organisation. Adsum will sit with you, understand your priorities and then implement the recommendations accordingly.

Microsoft 365 security hardening including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Microsoft 365 Azure (Active Directory), either on premises or in the cloud. We can help you with your deployment of MS 365 to make your IT environments more secure.

Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Phishing
We have various products in our stable, depending on your requirement that we can deploy in your IT Network that will help to identify and prevent attacks.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
Not all the products out there are good at finding Malware, even some of the better known products. We will advise you of the products that we can deploy to take care or your environment, including your email so that you can make informed decisions when you make a purchase for your IT Network.

As with other IT security products some work better than others. We will give you options to fit your requirement and your budget.

Security Awareness Training
One of the biggest preventatives steps that you can take is to educate your staff on what IT security risks exists and what to look for. For example malicious emails with an attachment that come into your inbox or an urgent request designed to trick you into compromising your organisation.

Security Operations Centre Monitoring
This is continuous monitoring of your IT environment. From this Adsum can provide you with alerts on imminent hardware, unusual activity and vulnerabilities

Governance Risk and Compliance

Our governance Risk and Compliance products include

IT Audit

Full audit of all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems within an organisation, highlighting and ranking risks that are found.

Once the IT audit has been undertaken we will sit with you and go through what has been found so that you can make decisions on what actions you wish to take to mitigate the risks that have been highlighted.

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
It is one thing to take backup’s, but it is quite another to recover from a disaster when it happens.

We will develop a full disaster recovery plan that will allow to get your ICT systems back on line and operating in the unlikely event of a systems crash and we will test it with you to ensure that it works.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
BCP differs from DRP in that your plan looks at all aspects of your business to ensure that the business is prepared and can continue no matter what happens?

We will work with your organisation to develop a business continuity plan at the level that your organisation requires, so that your business can be back an operating even if there is a catastrophic event.

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